Persian Kashan Carpet (Manchester Wool )

Description of Design and History

When one speaks of top quality Persian carpets the names of Isfahan and Kashan are often linked. This magnificent Kashan is very finely knotted in wonderful lustrous. Kashan lies halfway along a line drawn north from Isfahan towards Tehran. It is quite certain, however, that Kashan, with its favorable climate, at the western edge of the great salt desert produced and exported carpets of the highest artistic craftsmanship and cultural value over several centuries. Kork MANCHESTER wool, and memorably rich in terms of both colors and design. The dark violet field is superimposed by a superbly ornate stem lattice system linking diverse classical palmetto forms of exceptional inner details and clarity of draughtsman ship, with a subsidiary scheme of rosette motifs, floral sprays, sickle shaped leaves and other ornaments from the ancient Kashan repertoire, all detailed in an extraordinary variety of colors, in which rich coral, crimson, azure, tan, ivory, turquoise and cobalt blue establish the dominant tonal statement. The regal splendor of this field composition is set off within a border of equal opulence, in which three contrasted palmettos are arranged in alternating repeat, interspersed by imposingly large rhombi leaf devices in ivory and dark blue. Preserved in excellent condition, with all the colors of their beauty, this is a Kashan master rug of unforgettable grandeur and refinement of expression. Kashan is a city of north central Iran. Great court carpets were woven in Kashan during the Safavid period (1502 – 1736) but carpet weaving virtually ceased after the Afghan invasion in 1722. There was little weaving during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. At the beginning of the twentieth century, carpet weaving was commenced using merino wool from Australia that had been spun in Manchester, England. This “Manchester” Kashan had velvety, glossy wool. They were woven until the early 1930s, the onset of worldwide economic depression. Thereafter, local wools were used. This example cork Manchester wool design with an all over design. Dark blue border decorated with shahabbasy slimi design with small flowers like jasmine and other flower. This example is collectible and decorative and woven by order Mr.Tafshanjian U.S.A… A well spaced field pattern is organized with a sweeping sense of movement that contrasts richly with the inner detail of its ornaments. Knotted in the finest Merino (Manchester –wool) , with a closely compacted high gloss surface texture this is the Kashan Carpet of the most sumptuous grandeur.

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