Persian Senneh Rug

Description of Design and History 

This charming ivory ground Senneh rug from the west Persian region of Kurdistan has 5 rows of elongated BOTEH piled beige an soft blue, Light green and soft pink, and surrounded by tiny scattered floral motifs in the shame palette. The SENNEH district is well – known for its extraordinarily fine rugs and flat – weaves, several of which were similarity patterned with Rows of BOTEH, and which, from the evidence Boteh of the rugs themselves and from paintings in which they appear, were probably Being made in the early 19 century. They are known to have been extremely popular with the QAJAR shah. This pile- knotted example, with the large BOTEH drawn in almost mannerist style, is particularly attractive. The purplish- brown main border contains a contains a continuous series of small shield palmettos, piled in ivory and dark blue alternately, and Is flanked by two roseate dark blue guards containing tiny rosettes. An unusual and very pleasing rug with that remarkable delicacy of draughtsman ship associated with the finest SENNEH weaving.

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