Persian Kerman Carpet

Description of Design and History 

The field depicts the classical ‘ Parliament of Birds’ theme of ancient Persian mythology, incorporated within a traditional Paradise design with the Tree – of – Life .Against a pastel red background, this delightful composition is rendered around a focal naturalistic tree form piled in powder pink, with ivory leaves on its spreading branches, and varies smaller tree motifs. The numerous birds include the hoopoe,dove,peacoke,pheasant,crane and other species associated with the legendary Parliament, expressed in delicate pastel sheds of rose, cream, pink, beige, sand yellow .A lovely beige main border of palmettos, rosettes and vine scrolls is set between a beige inner border and silver- white outer, both with rosette meanders. The western trade designation ‘Laver’ is an incorrect form of the name Ravar, the weaving centre situated northeast of Kerman , adjacent to the Lut desert. Ravar has long been the origin of some of the finest of Kerman products. The historical explanation appears to be that during the wars of the late 19 th century much of Kerman was destroyed and a large part of the population, among them many carpet weavers, fled to Ravar. Although the weavings are characteristic of Kerman , the high quality rugs produced in Ravar soon gained recognition and the workshops founded their own tradition. Although incorrect, the term ‘Laver’ has become so firmly entrenched in the trade that it has even been used as a designation for high quality products of other provenances. This magnificent piece woven by Master Weaver Mr. Ali Kermani, son of Ali-Akbar Jarrah, was born in 1877 and passed away in the year 1939, at the age of 62. Master Kermani who later officially changed his name to Ali Honari, was among the rare and extremely praiseworthy weavers of Kerman who could alone be considered as the best in his trade among the producers of rugs from this city at the end of Qajar era. The main beige border also decorated with different kind of flowers. Roses, palmettos. This example has been reconditioned and is in good condition for his age and very decorative item and ready to use.

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