Description of Design and History 

Teheran was made the capital of the Persia by the Qajar Shahs and has remained so since. Both under the Qajars and the Pahlavis, Imperial workshops were established there, the high point of whose production was under the first Pahlavi emperor, Reza the Great, who ruled from 1926 to 1942. The magnificent carpet offered here is without doubt amongst the greatest examples of Teheran weaving we have seen and must be counted amongst the masterpieces of its group. The 16 points huge sky blue central medallion, with its cream round centre, is placed on a cream field; both medallion and field are covered with an extraordinarily beautiful floral ( Ardabil design) decorated with Shah Abassi pattern of incredible density. This magnificent Ardabil design is not only superbly colored but exhibits draughtsman ship of the very highest order. The dark crimson four corners and ivory border decorated with red and cream cartouche and decorated with different elements. Outer border also decorated with an arabesque, predominantly of crimson rumi or split palmettos with a scattering of tiny flower heads. It is certain that carpets of this quality must have been woven as special commissions; they are so far superior to the ordinary run of town carpets. Very few great Teheran examples seem to have reached the west and this carpet is a classic of the Pahlavi period weaving art. This collection has 1 old repair. Reference: Antique 1540 wool Tabriz 11.52 by 5.34cm Ardavil Design owned by Victoria and Albert Museum, London

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