Description of Design and History :

Most renowned of all the master weavers of Ghoum , and among the greatest of all such master weaver (ostad) of the later Pahlavi period Reza Shah Pahlavi (reg. 1925—1941) Rashtizadeh was unique in that his precious wool masterpieces were never signed, and could be identified only by their extraordinary quality, and certain extremely subtle elements of their Design, in particular the patterning of their secondary borders and guard stripes. Both in design and palette, it is unmistakably of its time, yet like many of the finest Ghoum weavings of this major period, it reflects Persian’s great weaving past in many of its motifs. On the brilliant beige field there is arranged a superbly drawn and colored floral arabesque, the focal points of this design are large, fanciful, lotus palmettos which are associated with the carpets made in Isfahan, kashan and Kerman in the late 16 th and early 17 th centuries, and known as “ shah Abbasi “ palmettos after the safavid ( 1501 – 1722 ) ruler of that name A most interesting and attractive Ghoum with a warm and vivid palette. The lovely leaf-and rosette meanders of the side borders complete the restrained design development of this outstanding item withal the sophisticated visual flair one expects in works of this caliber.

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