Persian Tabriz Rug

Description of Design and History

Many designs are used, including medallions, hunting designs, prayer designs and pictorial rugs. The Tabriz are characterized by their extremely fine knotting,its wonderfully lustrous wool and refined layout patterns and colors from this superb quality design provides an elegant living tree, decorated with flowers bleed into various shapes and colors frame the design, and very naturalistic illustrated bird and animals motifs produce, which are the dominant theme of the rug. Lion, deer, eagle, phoenix, sheep, peacock as plenty of pigeons and other birds are depicted with great care in detail and give the carpet to the intrinsic charm. A beautiful shaved cream bordure with flowers, intricate leaf palmetto and miniature tree motifs, framed by two cream embroider with a floral meander, I close this very ornamental acting and carefully crafted from rug, This example is unique and in excellent condition and several years this was hanged on the wall as home decoration.

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