Description of Design and History 

This important antique Persian rug is from the Farahan Central Persia. The midfield is very unusual, however, with a pattern repeat of complicated boteh ( almond pattern) . not particularly fine linkage has worked remarkably precise, certain Gashgai carpets show the entire field a similar motif. The boteh designs are lined up alternately to the right and left, and the central stem of each shrub is linked either blue or green. The flowers themselves are beautifully engineered yellow, blue, white and green shades worked and the whole pattern is placed over to red roses field. The most exquisite Bordure forms a beautiful contrast to the delicate restraint of the field, with wonderfully rich color shades. The deep glowing blue of central border stands out preferably on the golden side borders, while the admirably drawn floral meander, which serve as ornaments of the four borders, green to red, smoke blue, dark green, leaf green, brown, white, dark blue, rose pink and pale shading are excellent. It is extremely difficult to date this carpet properly, but there is no question that he is at least belongs to 1st half of the 20th century. Nevertheless, it shows a excellent condition.

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