Persian Isfahan Rug

Description of Design and History

A city of western central Iran and the capital of Persia under Shah Abbas and his Safavid successors. Magnificent court rugs were woven in Isfahan in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries up to the Afghan invasion of 1722. After that, Iran’s capital city was successively Mashhad, Shiraz, and finally Tehran. Isfahan regained some of its cultural and commercial prominence only in the 1920’s.Between the first and second World Wars, carpets of fine workmanship and good design, but poor dyes were woven in Isfahan. After World War II, very fine rugs with designs of the Safavid period were woven there. This Isfahan example is striking decorative impact and elegant composition, this white ground Isfahan prayer rug is a Pahlavi item of impressive accomplishment. The rare dark blue mihrab is decorated with Shah Abbasi design and birds same as the pattern in the down level of the field there is an excellent artistic vase decorated with different kind of flowers and birds. Main border is in deep red color also decorated with Shah Abbasi design and in perfect condition and ready to use.

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