Persian Tabriz Rug

Description of Design and History 

A magnificent superfine Tabriz in best tradition of this most famous of all Persian knots, a work of unusual decorative charm, let’s also recognize the true quality craftsmanship expert, which makes it a desirable property of the first rank. The Tabriz traditional patterns show a blue central medallion decorated with a vase with roses and other flowers. The vase is also decorated with animals and trees. This diamond shaped medallion decorated in plain cream field. Four corners of this excellent example decorated with rose flowers and banafsheh flowers (normally belong to spring season until end of summer). The border also decorated with roses and different kinds of banafsheh and other flowers. And the four corners of borders show two parrots sitting on the tree in each corner. This excellent example woven for hanging on the wall as decoration for homes and investment. This very fine knotted carpet for his outstanding conservative status particularly desirable. A precious and unique classical Tabriz of great beauty.

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