Description of Design and History 

Superbly drawn all over Shah Abbas decoration of the ivory field is beautifully organized in five separate arabesques which, together with a subtle central focus in the pattern arrangement of the main arabesque, serves to establish the balance of a sky blue/brown medallion with a four corners layout, while losing none of the ‘flow’ of the all over approach. The gray/beige main border has several different palmetto forms, facing inwards, outwards or diagonally, this lively repeat being gently mediated by the fine rosette-and leaf- meanders of the ivory ground minor borders. Two dark blue inner and outer guard stripes detail sinuous and very detailed ivory leaf meanders. The rug is of the finest Pahlavi Isfahan quality, knotted in kurk neck wool throughout, on fine-spun silk warps, and is in outstanding condition and such example is good for carpet lover collector. An extremely elegant old Isfahan, of memorable individuality.

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