Persian Doroshk Rug

Description of Design and History 

One of the popular sport in Iran during the great Persia until today is hunting. In this example rug shows that one of the King with his wife and his son standing in front of his palace and already hanging a rabbit on the tree as bait. By hanging, it will attract the eagles and it’s the perfect time for them to hunt down these animals. This magnificent hunting design example is woven in Dorokhsh in east Persia. Dorokhsh is a town of the Qainat (Khurasan) region in northeast Iran noted for its rug production. Designs are floral motifs and medallions. Older rugs have wool foundations while newer rugs have cotton foundations. In this example is also decorated with different types of animals and birds same as border, this is also sign and woven by weaver master Mr. Farokhe Khodruee This is the most interesting and charming tribal rug of considerable collectible interest.

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