Persian Semnan Carpet

Description of Design and History

Semnan a town of northern IRAN. Rugs of this town copy SAFAVID designs (Safavid dynasty ruled PERSIA from 1502 – 1722 when Persia was conquered by Afghans.) Semnan carpet by Most of the period decorated with some GARDEN design or all over patters, the foundation is cotton with knot density Of about 160 asymmetric knots per square inch. Unusual and attractive in design and of notably delicate color and color combinations, This is a glossy old Semnan item of high decorative appeal. This Master piece Semnan has a classic Persian GARDEN design with composition of all kind of trees and flowers. With birds form leaves design detailed in multicolored, like ivory pale green, soft amber. Ivory, beige. Blue saffron colors. The deep indigo border of ornate cartouches deployed in a graceful repeat is equally accomplished and astonishing in Its inner felicities of ornamentation, and is strikingly displayed between minor borders of boldly contrasted color meticulous pattering. A Semnan of memorable visual character and outstanding craftsmanship.

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