Persian Tabriz Carpet

Description of Design and History 

Description of Design and History :

Tabriz, capital of the north western Iranian province of Azerbaijan, has for centuries enjoyed a great reputation as a centre of Oriental culture. The vicissitudes of its history, its development from a naturally favoured oasis at the foot of the volcano Sahand, to today’s commercial centre, and descriptions of its artists and craftsmen could fill many volumes. Here the author can only glance at those historical milestones which provide a rough outline of its cultural contribution to the Oriental carpet. The green colouring and powerfully uncluttered decorative approach, combined with the fine quality of the knotting and excellence of materials, are all indicative of an attribution to the famous master-workshop. From which originated many of the greatest Tabriz works. This historic north, west persia city of Tabriz occupies a very special place in history of the weaving revival in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Tabriz weavers and designers were at the forefront of this new movement and their work influenced weavers all over the East. The splendid example has a very characteristic Tabriz palette and a wonderfully spaced design, each element of which is drawn with extraordinary precision and grace. A lovely old Tabriz with particularly pleasing color is an excellent item to be placed in dining and living room with underlay.

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