Persian Heriz Silk Carpet

Heriz, near the capital of the north western Iranian province of Azerbaijan, has for centuries enjoyed a great reputation as a centre of Oriental culture. The vicissitudes of its history, its development from a naturally favored oasis at the foot of the volcano Sahand, to today’s commercial centre, and descriptions of its artists and craftsmen could fill many volumes. The GOLD coloring and powerfully uncluttered decorative approach, combined with the fine quality of the knotting and excellence of materials, are all indicative of an attribution to the famous master-workshop. . This historic north, west Persia city of Heriz occupies a very special place in history of the weaving revival in the late 18th and early 20 th centuries. The silk Heriz group represented by this important example comprises the earliest type of Persian workshop silk carpets to survive in significant numbers from the Qajar period(1785 to 1925 ). In this general character and field approach, the piece belongs to the first period of the style, and might feasibly derive from the first quarter of the century. Its exceptional state of preservation alone separates it from those silk carpets of similar size, coloring and powerfully archaic appearance that are probably older than any other Heriz products, whether in wool or silk, of the 19th century. The central field design possesses that energetic, almost barbaric, mode of expression common to this silk Heriz group, with the eight “floating” foliate palmettos establishing the main effect in their free-form construction. Various heavily foliated secondary ornaments contribute to the somewhat ghostly fecundity of the field. The deep blue primary border and guard borders, all save the outer carrying dense vegetal and floral arrangements, provide an imposing setting for the central panel. . HERIZ weavers and designers were at the forefront of this new movement and their work influenced weavers all over the East. The splendid example has a very characteristic Heriz palette and a wonderfully spaced design, each element of which is drawn with extraordinary precision and grace. A lovely old Heriz with particularly pleasing color is an excellent item for carpet collector for investment. .

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