Persian Isfahan Rug

Description of Design and History 

This splendid carpet retains the tonal character of the Isfahans made during the first two decades of this century, while its design combines a powerful ascending medallion lozenge, also reminiscent of the earlier production period, with a “Garden of paradise” theme more typical of the 1940s. The Momumental rose-ground medallion contains an heraldic cross in tan-beige, the whole displayed against a white field with four tree motifs, and numerous birds. Two doves-in-flight above the main lozenge are especially attractive. A series of conjoined scallop-panels encloses the field, in dark blue outlines in rose, with an azure blossom in each. The smoky-rose main border details white and beige palmette-cartouches containing various bid forms and vegetal devices, while two dark blue guard borders accentuate the design with their pattern of small white cartouches. An Isfahan of handsome apprearance, its design develped with fluent control and imaginative skill.

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