Persian Kashan Rug

Description of Design and History 

An exquisite old silk kashan in an asscending “Paradise” design, with an iridescent tomato red field of delicate beauty. A meticulously-drawn and delightfully coloured plant form centres the base of the field, and the four trees which rise up from the lower corners of the field to intertwine elegantly in the upper part of the field, forming an arch over the central plant device. The two trees in dark blue and light brown create a particularly striking scheme with their interlacing flowering branches. Note brilliant drawing of a beautiful vase that catch the attention to the centre of the field. A luminous dark blue main border of varied leaves forms, attractive brown foliate clusters, and beautiful rosettes, is set off between ivory ground stripes containing meanders of tiny flowers in rose and green, with inner and outer guards in red, beige and pale blue. Finely knotted in handspun wool, and with its gracefully articulated design expressed in a memorably light and fresh palette of vegetable dyes, this is an old Kashan of considerable merit.

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