Persian Senneh Rug

Description of Design and History

The old respected name of Senneh is synonymous with valuable Oriental carpets. Senneh products stand at the pinnacle of Persian carpet art because of the precision of drawing and of knotting, the range and harmony of their colours and the artistic composition of the designs in the field, corners and borders. It is probably true that in Senneh some of the finest knotted carpets of old Persia were woven, and the weaving tradition was preserved for centuries. This applies not only to fineness of weave and special weaving techniques, but also to the development of the designs and interpretation of patterns and ornaments borrowed from many other carpet weaving areas and cultures. This artistic example was woven by a young girl before she married and gave it as a present to the groom’s parents. The central medallion shows that she wished to have six children in future. The wine glass in the middle is the middle is symbolic of happiness in the life.

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