Persian Kashan Carpet (Kurk Wool

Description of Design and History 

When one speaks of the top quality Persian carpets, the names of Isfahan and Kashan are often linked. Kashan lies halway along a line drawn north from Isfahan towards Tehran. A magnificent Kashan example of palatial size very finely knotted in wonderfully lustrous kurk neckwool and memorably rich in terms of both colours and design. The magnificent midnite blue field is superimposed by a superbly ornate stem lattice system linking diverse classical palmette forms of exceptional inner detail and clarity of draughtsmanship with a subsidary scheme of sinuos cloudband motifs, rosettes, floral sprays, sickle shaped leaves and other ornaments from the ancient Kashan repertoire, all detailed in an extraordinary variety of colours, in cobalt blue establish the domininant tonal statement. The regal splendour of this field composition is set off within a border of equal opulence, in which three contrasted palmettes are arranged in alternating repeat, interspersed by imposingly large rhumi leaf devices in ivory and different colours. Preserved in excellent condition, with all the colours at the pitch of their beauty, this is a Kashan master carpet of unforgettable grandeur and refinement of expression. The dyes of this Kashan masterwork are all natural and of luminous beauty and the item is preserved in superb condition throughout.

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