Persian Serapy Carpet

Description of Design and History 

Serapy is a trade term used only in AMERICA. The small town of Heriz is the centre of one of the weaving areas in Azerbaijan, north west Persia , some define SERAPI as a Heriz rug between 100 and 200 years old. The SERAPY may be also be defined by its design.. This consists of a medallion with pendants and spandrels in the corners of the rug. The medallion is generally hexagonal with a steed border made up of staggered squares. and has given its name to one of the most important Persian provenances. Carpets from the town’s workshops are of better quality than those from the inaccessible mountain villages. The typical Heriz red and a highly individual medallion are the main characteristics of these occasionally found in the trade and at auctions. Brown, beige and turquoise shades indicate older pieces. The brown color field containing stylized light vines, palmetto and flowers centered by a octagon form with dark blue , red medallion with beautiful four beige color corners , Within ivory and beige border decorated with a bat palmetto and Herati design . this nice border frame and complete the serapy example. This is a beautiful example of a serapy carpet group which is attract great attention the collectors.

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