Amritsar rugs and carpets are produced in Amritsar, located in the northwest of India near Kashmir, has only been known for carpet manufacturing since the early 19th and 20th centuries. Having lacked traditional design, Amritsar carpets and rugs include 16th through 17th century classical motifs from Persia, as well as elements from other Indian and Turkish cities.
Amritsar rugs are based upon European influence and Western taste following the demand for carpets in both the United States and Europe. Basing design on Western needs as opposed to their own tradition, Amritsar rugs are unique and are easily distinguished from other Indian carpets. Using high quality wool, Amritsar rugs are manufactured with a cotton foundation, double weft and an asymmetrical knot – all of which contribute to its luxurious feel.

As a characteristic of influence, Amritsar rugs will often display a millefleur or “thousands of flowers” motif, with soft and earthy palates consisting of burgundy and aubergine tones. Antique Amritsar rugs can be determined by this display, as well as other large scale patterns that include mythical beasts or Persian style florals. These carpets may also include light blues, yellows, teals and mauves in their design.

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