Art Deco

Art Deco Chinese rugs were produced from the 1910s to the 1940s. Prior to the 1920s, during the experimental stages of production, the design and color remained similar to classical antique Chinese rugs. After the 1920s began the experimentation with vibrant colors and drifting away from the characteristic two-toned contrasting colors.

These rugs were made in China during the 1920s and 1930s. The most recognizable rugs were made by Walter Nichols, an American who set up factories in China. The most prolific weaving center was in Tientsin where the designs tended to be more open and spacious than Oriental rugs. Nichols’ rugs are usually made of wool and silk and have a thick plushy and luxurious feel. They are designed with both medallion as well as all-over formats. Frequently design elements include pictorial scenes, trees, clouds, mountains, dragons, birds and exotic flowers. Colors are very lively and energetic, rich jewel tones of magenta, turquoise, emerald, ruby and violet are common.

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