Quality Certification

Certification is a confirmation of certain characteristics of any event, organization, manufacturers, suppliers, service providers for their qualitative work and services. Across the world, there are many organizations and associations that assess carpet manufacturers on the basis of various parameters such as environment, child labour, quality of the yarns, and colors etc., and provide certificates if they fulfil the requirements.
Certifications can be of two kinds: one that declares that a manufacturer or supplier having the license to perform certain tasks. The other kind can state the assurance of a particular level of quality, system or resources used. To flourish in any industry, it is vital for any player to understand the competition around and gain certifications with reference to the future scope and competitive edge.
Some certificates are very necessary to be possessed as per government rules and regulations. These certifications ensure the trust factor in the minds of the buyers and act as an effective marketing tool. Turkuaz Gallery issues certificates for all the hand knotted carpets.

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